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Dear Anke,

thank you reading our proposal so carefully and for your suggestions for clarification.

1) We understand propositional voting the way you specified it. Of course, if there are more than 4 open positions, the number of points needs to be adjusted and as you stated, we want to have a linear progression. We discussed in the IC and also with our legal advisor Deanna Hurst whether we should write this more explicitly in the constitution. She advised us to use to proposed formulation to make it not too complicated. (Besides, the wording in the current version of the constitution is not more specific, since there are also different ways to conduct relative majority voting.) We agree, however, that a more explicit description of the intended way to use propositional voting should be communicated to the members and the corresponding section in the bye laws should be adapted accordingly.

2) Of course, we agree that all four principles need to be followed. To make these principles more clear in 11.7, we will work on a formulation to make your points 2) and 3) more explicit.