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Dear Aiso,

Regarding your third point and the proposal to consider separating the RR presentation from the publication of the 8 page proceeding paper, this is an issue that we can certainly consider in the International Committee. It has been raised before, but it indeed becomes more prominent if the PME proceedings would be indexed in Scopus or other indexes. Upon the start of my presidency, I intend to put this on the table as an option.
Let me stress that the current publication ethics declaration as such is independent from that Scopus indexing issue. It is a necessary step towards it. But the possible negative consequences of getting a Scopus indexing (of which you mention one) will need to be considered when we proceed towards that too.

Best wishes

P.S. to all: Great to see this interaction, and to get your feedback on the issues that are proposed, and looking forward to discuss these in real life with all of you.