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Dear Anika, Dear IC,

Very well done incorporating these changes into the constitution and bylaws! Our experience in the pandemic in the past two years shows that the changes regarding virtual meetings and electronic voting are very necessary. Indeed, the proposed changes reflect the ad hoc methods we had to adopt because of the pandemic – it is necessary to now regularise these changes to make them permanent. I support all of the proposals which I believe greatly enhance members’ participation in PME matters. I noticed a few small points for your consideration:
– I suggest separating the three sets of changes when it comes to voting at the AGM, or at least separating the changes about voting system from changes about virtual meetings and electronic voting. These are distinct proposals and should be voted on separately. (I don’t think separate files need to be prepared, I just mean the AGM votes).
– In continuation of Anke’s comments, a fifth requirement for democratic voting is that votes can be independently verified if need be (to verify that only members voted, each person only voted once, etc). Online voting platforms do allow for this. I suggest this principle be included in the relevant bylaw.
– Should a change also be made to article 22.2(b)ii(C) – the reference to postal vote could be changed to online vote.
Thanks again for this important work.