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Markku Hannula

Dear Richard,

thank you for these important remarks.

I will respond here regarding the points 2 and 3 that you raise.

The fact that we are formulating and publishing our statement on publication ethics does not mean that we didn’t have publication ethics before. We have had implicit norms for publication ethics. These issues have been considered as part of the review process. The reviewers of the papers have occasionally raised concerns about submitted RR and the international program committee (IPC) has considered these issues. Sometimes this has led to rejecting a paper. This is how it will happen also in the future, but now authors, reviewers, and the IPC have explicated norms to follow.

In case of a serious breaches of good scientific practice, the IPC has sometimes brought the issue to be discussed in the International Committee of the IGPME, who then has decided the course of action. This will be the process also in the future.